Jaguar Land Rover investment

The largest single investment has been made at the company's Castle Bromwich plant, where over £400m has been spent in new and upgraded facilities to support the introduction of the all-new Jaguar XF.

Amongst the most notable investments at the Castle Bromwich site, in support of the all-new XF, is a £320m aluminium body shop, which completes the site's transformation into a global centre of excellence for lightweight vehicle manufacturing. This is the largest single investment in the history of the Castle Bromwich site and highlights a remarkable turnaround...

Holsether to leave Sapa

The process to find a replacement for Holsether has started, and a new President & CEO for Sapa will be announced in due time.

Holsether (pictured) will continue as Sapa’s top executive until further notice.

“The Board of Directors regrets Holsether’s decision to leave the company. Holsether has done a solid job for Sapa throughout his time in the company, especially as...

ASI: New Executive Director

Fiona brings nearly 20 years of experience in sustainability, corporate social responsibility and independent third party certification in the mining industry and downstream precious metals sectors.

“ASI represents a logical next step for a metal that has been at the forefront of materials stewardship initiatives for many years,” said Solomon. “I am honoured to be leading ASI into its next stage of development and sincerely thank the wide range of stakeholders who have contributed to its achievements to date. I look forward to growing the organisation with...

Aleris to supply Boeing from Zhenjiang

This move establishes Aleris as a qualified supplier of aluminium plate from its Zhenjiang mill for use in the production of various Boeing aircraft.

Aleris' facility in Koblenz, Germany, has supplied aluminium aerospace plate to Boeing for decades. Aleris Zhenjiang, which opened in early 2013, was modelled...

Novelis: Senior management Appointments

Gary Yogan has been appointed Vice President, Global Can Sales, effective April 1. Yogan will be responsible for maintaining Novelis' position as a leading provider of beverage can sheet worldwide with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Key to this role will be the continued market growth of the company's high-recycled content evercan™...

Alcoa continues reshaping upstream

In addition, the company and the Government of Suriname have agreed to pursue a transaction for a Government-owned entity to acquire the Suralco operations.

The curtailment and potential transaction are in line with Alcoa’s recent announcement to review upstream capacity for possible curtailment or divestiture and the company’s strategic goal to create a globally competitive commodity business. The curtailment, which represents one digester, is expected to be complete by April 30, 2015.

“Reducing the production of the refinery will assist in extending...