Advantage aluminium

Gerd Götz, Director-General of the European Aluminium Association (EAA), attributes the fair’s success to the innovative power of the material in its key end-use markets.
“Above all, innovation translates into rising demand”, says Götz. “EAA estimates show that demand in Europe is expected to almost double by 2050, which is a product of our...

UK Aluminium industry celebrates success at annual meeting

The event, at Tortworth Court Hotel on Thursday, September 11, attracted representatives of major sector businesses including Jaguar Land Rover, Sapa Profiles, Avon Metals and Bridgnorth Aluminium to name but a few.

The members’ briefing comprised presentations by Brian Greenwood, a civil servant responsible for materials and engineering within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Eoin Dinsmore, of market analysts CRU and Read more

Toyota’s leap to aluminium

The U.S.-built Camry, the country's best-selling car, is slated to get an aluminium hood in 2018, according to a source familiar with the plans.

Toyota's first foray into aluminium closures in North America will come next year when the 2016 Lexus RX 350 crossover, which is made in Cambridge, Ontario, gets an aluminium hood and liftgate, the source said.

The aluminium sheet for the Camry hood likely will come from a joint venture between Toyota Tsusho Corp., a trading company affiliated with Toyota Motor Corp., and Kobe Steel to produce more aluminium sheet...

AEROBAL: World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award 2014 winners

The look of this deodorant can exudes a promise of freshness and purity. The photo-realistic reproduction of a pomegranate with finely colour-graduated seeds on a characteristically shaped aluminium can is really outstanding.

Apart from its very impressive look, the can’s actual innovative character becomes apparent only at second glance. The 125 ml product is filled with a deodorant concentrate and less propellant, but offers the consumer just as many applications as a conventional 250 ml can –with the resultant savings in material, weight and transport costs. This...

Svein Richard Brandtzæg remains Hydro CEO

"We are very pleased that Brandtzæg has decided to continue as President and CEO of Hydro," said Dag Mejdell, chair of Hydro's Board of Directors. "Brandtzæg has led the company in a steady and robust manner, turning Hydro into a world-leading aluminium company. The Board of Directors remains confident that he is the best CEO to lead the company...