China refined aluminium at record production

As per the report by Reuters, aluminium production stood at 1.98 million tonnes in July, compared to the previous record of 1.95 million tonnes in June. The July production was up 7.2% from a year ago.

In the first seven months, aluminium output increased 7.5% to 13.5 million tonnes. Production may rise further due to new capacity. State backed research company Antaike expects about three million tonnes of aluminium smelting capacity to come on-stream in the H2 of this year, after about 1.6 million tonnes started up in the H1. China's refined zinc production also hit a...

Economical preheating furnace improves safety

Most smelters add cold aluminium metal to the charge of molten aluminium in the casthouse furnaces. This metal may be in the form of sows, pure offcuts, or other scrap arisings.

Such metal is frequently stored outdoors and can be wet. Charging of damp aluminium to hot furnaces results in the generation of large volumes of steam, and can cause steam explosions, in the worst cases blasting molten aluminium around the casthouse.

Traditionally, scrap metal has been heated with a gas flame to remove moisture, but such localised heating can never fully remove water, and...

Rio Tinto earnings increase

Rio Tinto chief executive Sam Walsh said: "Our outstanding half year performance reflects the quality of our world-class assets, our programme of operational excellence and our ability to drive performance during a period of weaker prices. These results show that our current strategic and management focus is making a meaningful contribution to cash flow generation.

"During the first half we have increased underlying earnings by 21% to $5.1 billion and enhanced operating cash flow by eight per cent. We delivered what we said we would, exceeding our $3 billion operating...

Aluminium in Gulf to reach $55bn by 2020

Statistical data shows that the Gulf aluminium industry is growing by 8.4% annually, compared to an average annual global expansion of 3.5%, making the Middle East the fastest growing aluminium market in the world, said the event organisers who cited figures by Harbor Intelligence, a firm specialised in global aluminium market trends, analysis and forecasts.

Gulf region's aluminium production reached 3,739,290 tons, in 2012 compared to 3,488,357 tons in 2011 and is expected to increase to 5 million tons by 2015, making the Gulf region the biggest single player...

Dangerous aluminium dross dumped in NZ

Taha Asia Pacific and Taha Fertilizer Industries Ltd have been served interim enforcement orders by the Environment Court after it was found they dumped aluminium dross at Crawford Enterprises on Coalpit Rd, near Edendale.

Aluminium dross is a highly dangerous material which when mixed with water reacts to release flammable and noxious gas, and is hazardous to human health.

In an August 4 written decision by Environment Court Judge J E Borthwick, orders were given to stop all further discharge of the material to the site, to prohibit the removal of any of the material...

Novelis increases prices for automotive and speciality aluminium sheet products

All existing orders and firm agreements confirmed prior to August 7, 2014 will be honoured throughout the contract period.

The automotive price increase is in addition to the previously announced pricing adjustment made on January 1, 2014 of $0.11 per pound for 6000-series, 5182-series and 5000-series coated automotive alloys.

"To support the rapidly growing automotive market demand, Read more

Novelis reports first quarter 2015 results

Excluding certain tax-effected items, net income was $30 million, up 43% compared to the first quarter of fiscal year 2014.

"Excellent plant productivity, strong winter results in South America boosted by World Cup beverage consumption, and good year-over-year demand trends drove a strong start to the new fiscal year," said Phil Martens, president and chief executive officer for Read more

Kety ups 2014 profit goal

"Due to the high progress in executing the forecast after six months of 2014 and stable outlook for the second half of the year the board of Grupa Kety decided to increase the forecast," Kety said in a statement.

The company is benefiting from Poland's accelerated economic growth, which reached 3.4% in the first quarter and is expected to stay at 3.3% in the second.

Kety said its net profit in the April-June period rose by 40% to almost 55 million zlotys, while for the first half of the year it rose to 81 million zlotys.


Sohar Aluminium’s summer training

The annual programme is organised to emphasise SA’s role as a responsible corporate citizen in the community.

The programme has been designed to integrate education with the workplace experience.

Students majoring in various disciplines ranging from engineering, human resources, business administration, management, IT and finance were selected based on their field of...

Explosion at aluminium rim supplier

The factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province manufactures aluminium wheels and serves as a tier-two supplier of original equipment products to General Motors through aluminium wheel maker CiTiC Dicastal.

State media said the accident was most likely caused when sparks ignited a highly flammable powder used in polishing the hubs.

The explosion is one of the worst industrial accidents in China in recent years. The unusually high death toll and the foreign ownership of the plant is likely to prompt the government to look carefully at whether negligence was...